El “Coca-Cola Music Experience 2015” donde regaló momentos magníficos como fue la divertida entrevista que nuestra compañera Marta Sánchez realizó a Jake Miller en la “red carpet” del #CCME2015. Os dejamos sus declaraciones en los momentos previos antes de subirse al escenario.

As every year since 5 years ago, Coca Cola hosts the most important fan event of the year in Spain. This time, Iggy Azalea besides Sweet California were the top of bill of the festival. International artists as Jacob Whiteshides, Nathan Sykes, Jake Miller, The Tide or Benjamin came to our country for being an important part of this unforgettable night. Amelie and Critika & Saik completed the show-bill.

We wanted to talk with every single artist for knowing what they feel when playing on the stage, what they feel when fans scream out just for them even when and where is their perfect moment to drink a coke.

Do you want to see what they told us? Let’s see the following video: